RRC Comments on Continued Flaring Reduction Progress

RRC Comments on Continued Flaring Reduction Progress

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September 14, 2021

Today the Railroad Commission of Texas met for a regular open meeting and discussed the continued progress in reducing flaring.

Commissioner Wright said, “There are multiple operators who have reduced their flaring volumes, some by as much as 92%.  Other operators who were not connected to a midstream takeaway operator are in the process of doing so.” He went on to say, “There are more and more vendors out there who will be able to fully utilize stranded gas for a variety of purposes including electrical generation, bitcoin mining, hydrogen production, and graphene production. Many of these vendors’ processes eliminate the vast majority of emissions that flaring produces, and even pay the operator for the gas.”

Commissioner Christian added that private industry is correcting the issue.  According to the Railroad Commission, flaring is down to seven-tenths of a percent of natural gas produced in Texas.

The Texas Methane & Flaring Coalition is committed to our goal to end routine flaring by 2030. The Coalition has also connected operators with technology vendors that help operators find an approach that works best for their operations to mitigate emissions and flaring. The Coalition will continue this progress to ensure environmental stewardship for our state’s natural resources.