Coalition Response to “Texas Methane Leaks” by David Schecter

Coalition Response to “Texas Methane Leaks” by David Schecter

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May 27, 2022

A recent article by David Schecter with WFAA News fails to mention the facts when discussing methane emissions in Texas. Texas oil and natural gas operators are investing in technology solutions to improve field operations, mitigate methane emissions and reduce flaring. Utilization of on-site monitoring, satellite imaging, drone and ariel flyovers, and leak detection have led to dramatic reductions of emissions in Texas, and industry continues to develop new technology. U.S. operators are also a part of industry-led coalitions working together to reduce emissions such as the Texas Methane and Flaring Coalition (the Coalition), the Environmental Partnership, and the Oil & Gas Climate Initiative.

Importantly, the Coalition has established a goal to end routine flaring in Texas by 2030 with some companies working to end routine flaring sooner—and Texas is already benefitting from the results. The latest data from the Railroad Commission of Texas shows that Texas’ statewide flaring rate fell to a record level at the end of 2021. The percentage of natural gas flared dropped to a new record low of 0.19% in November. Additionally, data review by the Energy In Depth project reveals a drop in methane emissions while oil and gas production has increased.

Increasing pipeline infrastructure throughout Texas also serves as a vital step in reducing emissions in Texas. Building more pipelines for transportation will help reduce emissions and provide for energy security in America. Pipelines continue to be the safest, most secure and most dependable method of transportation for oil and natural gas.

Oil and natural gas operators are meeting environmental progress goals through innovation and technology for a more sustainable future. These values of respecting natural resources while still providing the energy that we need in America and abroad are paramount fundamentals of Texas.