Texas Methane & Flaring Coalition Launches New Online Education Resources

Texas Methane & Flaring Coalition Launches New Online Education Resources

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May 28, 2020

Texas Methane & Flaring Coalition Launches New Online Education Resources

AUSTIN— The Texas Methane & Flaring Coalition (the Coalition), an alliance of Texas oil and natural gas trade associations and nearly 40 Texas energy companies, today announced they have launched new educational tools and resources for stakeholders, legislators and regulators, and the general public who are seeking to gain a better understanding of issues related to methane and flaring.

Announced earlier this spring, the Coalition serves as a partnership to further encourage industry development and innovations, pioneering technologies, and achieving efficiencies that will successfully reduce emissions during a time when oil and natural gas production has increased.

The Coalition’s site hosts new features including a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, which addresses a variety of topics such as where oil and natural gas originates, the process of development, delivery and refining, and the difference between vented and flared emissions.  The site’s full glossary of terms provides a comprehensive approach to providing information on industry operations, challenges and opportunities. Videos, infographics and other learning tools have also been made available for a visual, virtual perspective on industry safety, procedures and environmental practices.

Texas operators are committed to working collaboratively to develop our state’s natural resources while improving environmental performance. To that end, the Coalition will continue to work together on environmental progress to minimize flaring and methane emissions, pledging to collectively identify and promote operational and environmental recommended practices.

To ensure transparency and to encourage public education, participation and feedback, the Texas Methane & Flaring Coalition’s website will be updated frequently as the Coalition develops and implements its objectives, findings and recommendations. For more information, please visit www.texasmethaneflaringcoalition.org.



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