Environmental Partnership’s 2023 Annual Report Shows Accelerated Progress in Emissions Reductions in Oil and Natural Gas Industry

Environmental Partnership’s 2023 Annual Report Shows Accelerated Progress in Emissions Reductions in Oil and Natural Gas Industry

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The Environmental Partnership recently released its 2023 Annual Report showing accelerated progress in emissions reductions by the oil and natural gas industry. Progress was achieved through involvement in the Partnership’s eight environmental performance programs that span the entirety of the energy supply chain.

According to the report, as the Partnership’s membership has expanded, so have its actions to cover more emissions sources across the energy supply chain. As such, in 2022, Partnership members took significant action that resulted in increasing the number of monitoring surveys to quickly and proactively find and fix methane emission events by 43% from the previous year, a 14% reduction in total flared volumes reported and a 2.4% reduction in flare intensity from the previous year. The Partnership’s efforts also advanced industry knowledge on the capabilities of aerial detection technology, as well as understanding of methane emissions profiles and primary sources of methane emissions.

The companies that participate in The Environmental Partnership are working hard to meet the goals of the Partnership by participating in environmental performance programs, which include leak detection and repair programs, pneumatic controller program, manual liquids unloading program, compressor program, pipeline blowdown program, flare management program, maintenance and integrity program and energy efficiency program. The proof is in the pudding with the number of inspections, surveys, and equipment reviewed. ­­

Technology is leading the way to tackle emissions and create better safety and efficiencies in the oil and natural gas industry. The Environmental Partnership dives into flyover technology and how that is changing the game for their membership. Technologies like these, and those emissions detection technologies, promoted at the latest Energy Elevated Technology Showcase, will continue to have producers and innovators come together for a more sustainable outcome.

The Environmental Partnership is comprised of 102 companies in the U.S. oil and natural gas industry committed to continuously improving the industry’s environmental performance. It includes companies of all sizes, including many of the country’s major oil and natural gas producers. Partnerships like this along with the Texas Methane & Flaring Coalition will continue environmental progress here in Texas and across the nation.