Coalition Member Highlight

Coalition Member Highlight

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April 7, 2022

From Coalition Member, Chevron: New Pilot Project to Certify Operational and Environmental Performance

Chevron announced a pilot project with Project Canary to independently certify operational and environmental performance in North America. The review will create hundreds of data points that will be considered for Project Canary’s Trust Well Certification program.

“Chevron is a leader in advancing solutions that deliver reliable energy and address U.S. methane emissions,” Chris Romer, co-founder and CEO of Project Canary said.

In 2020, Chevron’s U.S. onshore production methane intensity was 85% lower than the U.S. industry average. Innovation, technology, data points, and operator-led accountability will continue to drive down methane emissions in the U.S. and Texas.

You can read the full release here.

From Coalition Member, Texans for Natural Gas (TNG): Texas Pilot Project Shows How Natural Gas Can Produce “Emissions-free” Electricity

According to TNG, a power plant in La Porte, Texas, has proven natural gas can be a carbon-free fuel. Net Power LLC has created a technology that burns natural gas with pure oxygen instead of air and uses carbon dioxide instead of steam to drive a turbine and generate electricity. To further emissions reductions, there is additional technology that recycles most of the CO2 into a pipeline built to carry CO2 that can be supplied to third parties for underground storage or use in the industrial process.

Coalition members are committed to employing the latest technologies and innovations like these and others in their operations to help drive down emissions.

You can read more here.