About the Coalition

About the Coalition

150 150 The Texas Methane & Flaring Coalition

The Texas oil and natural gas industry is a global leader in the responsible production of energy that has powered life for more than a century. Always proactively innovating, Texas operators are committed to working collaboratively to develop our state’s natural resources while improving environmental performance. To better assess the issues of methane emissions and flaring and develop industry-led solutions, a voluntary coalition of companies and organizations have joined together to form the Texas Methane and Flaring Coalition. The Coalition will collectively identify and promote operational and environmental recommended practices to minimize flaring and methane emissions.

Flaring is a temporary and, at times, necessary practice in the production of oil and natural gas. Most commonly used to ensure safety, flaring is the preferred alternative to venting excess gases – typically methane – that cannot be recovered during production, usually due to lack of existing infrastructure. Methane is the primary component of natural gas, so minimizing methane emissions means energy companies can safely, reliably and responsibly provide more energy to power Texans’ lives.

Texas oil and natural gas companies strive to find innovative ways to minimize flaring and methane emissions. The results of these efforts are clear: our state and nation’s oil and natural gas production has reached historic highs, yet the United States ranks as one of the lowest countries for flaring intensity.

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